Macros for Fat Loss Program starts on JAN 1, 2018

You can be eating a healthy diet or following all the latest diet tips and trends, and there are STILL other reasons why you aren’t seeing results.

You can overeat just about any food.

You can eat healthy food, but your portion sizes might be too large for your needs.

You might be eating in a way that supports fat loss/body changes Monday through Thursday, but then go WAY overboard over the weekends.

You might be mindlessly nibbling more than you realize.

You might not be aware of how calorically dense some of your favorite foods are.

You might have labeled certain foods GOOD or BAD, and you have a hard time stepping off of the all or nothing diet wagon. Anything that gets you results feels too restrictive and isn’t sustainable.

You might not realize just how much fuel you actually need to live your lifestyle. How big is your gas tank? Are you filling it up appropriately?

You deserve to not feel STUCK and FRUSTRATED with your (lack of) results.

Identifying and understanding the calories and the macros that you eat will forever change the way you approach fat loss.

Once you know how what you eat affects the way you look at feel, you can manage it and maintain it with ease.

You can even adjust your results at will. Are you looking to relax and maintain your weight while on vacation? Are you looking to really focus on diet and fat loss to shape up for a big upcoming event? With the info from the Macros for Fat Loss program, you will be able to decide and be in control of your results. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Macros for Fat Loss Program


Macros for Fat Loss is a 28 day education and accountability nutrition program delivered online.

You’ll receive:
-The ABC’s of Fat Loss: your guide to understanding macros and fat loss: what they are and how to use them strategically to reach your goals

-Video lessons on how to measure and log macros with ease

-Customized macronutrient goals set for your individual nutrition needs and fat loss goals

-25+ easy, make ahead recipes

-Facebook Group Coaching for ongoing interaction, accountability, support, and questions

-Priceless and lasting awareness of your own body, portion sizes and the knowledge of how to get results that will continue beyond the duration of the program

-Anyone looking to lose fat in 2018, regardless of the amount or current knowledge level (you can be a total beginner to health and fitness, or an advanced client looking for accountability and ways to shed the final few pounds)
-Anyone who wants to build self-reliance through education and awareness
-Anyone looking to improve their relationship with food and get out of “good/bad” food mindset

-Anyone who wants to make fat loss and their health a priority in January

Tracking macros is THE MOST direct way to get results efficiently and safely – NO FOODS ARE OFF LIMITS, which means NO WEIGHT REBOUNDS after 4 WEEKS!


Program will begin on January 1st! Registration is limited and will close December 27th or when spots are full.