5 Tips to Coexist with Candy

Easter is right around the corner, and for many, Passover Seders just behind us. There is chocolate covered matzo leftover in my fridge, and I’ve been steering my husband away from rows and rows of Peeps in the grocery store for weeks now.

Me and one of my Peeps. We may seem like BFF's, but really, I'm much more of a Reese's girl.

Me and one of my Peeps. We may seem like BFF’s, but really, I’m much more of a Reese’s girl.

If you’ve got a fat loss goal, these highly marketed, food-centric holidays can be stressful! You want to stay true to your goals, but the brightly colored treats are everywhere! Most likely, you’ll be bringing some of it into your home for your families, or you will be met with leftovers come Monday.  If you struggle with mindless snacking, then neurontin uk the presence of these addictive foods creates a real threat to your progress.  

I totally get it. For me, the special occasions and get-togethers themselves are fairly easy to navigate, because I can anticipate the challenge and plan for it. I always tell my clients to enjoy their holidays with family and friends, and make your treats “worth it,” but then move on and be done with it. Easier said than done, though! Enjoying food with loved ones in reasonable portions, check. Getting home from a long day and seeing those leftover candies sitting on my counter though…now that’s a bit tougher to resist.

Because we think that if it’s there, we need to eat it, right? We couldn’t possibly bear to let it go to waste! That’s like throwing money down the toilet…even if each piece of candy probably cost only a few pennies.


Just because it was free, doesn't mean you need to eat it. Besides, discovering its true hollow nature is always disappointing.

Just because it was free, doesn’t mean you need to eat it. Besides, discovering its true hollow nature is always disappointing.

Some thoughts and ideas on managing the upcoming challenges:

5) read Out of sight, out of mind! Tuck the candy up on the highest shelf in your cupboards. There’s no need to have a bowl of M&M’s sitting out in the open all day long.

4) site de rencontre afrique gratuit Make it easy to avoid or resist leftovers. Don’t buy your candy in bulk; it’s cheap enough already. If you need a lot of candy for an Easter egg hunt or for lots of young guests, opt for varieties that are easier for you to pass up or throw away when they inevitably get left behind after everyone goes home.

3) top 24 des pires photos vues sur les sites de rencontre russes Make healthier or at least homemade alternatives. Obviously this is more expensive and time consuming than the standard holiday fare, so let your frugality work FOR you by portioning out and savoring these “higher cost” treats. Additionally, you’ll be ingesting much higher quality ingredients than what you’d get from the store.

2)  Remember that candy exists year round. You can have any type of candy your heart desires within minutes, or at worst, within a couple of days. Peeps come in all kinds of animal shapes and colors, and are always available in stores. Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, Reese’s pieces and all the other crap that’s marketed for Easter are not really THAT “special,” so don’t let the seasonal packaging make you feel like you’ll be missing out if you don’t buy now.

1) Write down your own plan. Include your long term goal and WHY you want to achieve it, along with specific standards that you know you will be able to attain. You need to really be honest with yourself on this one. Don’t write that you will skip starches at Easter Brunch to account for a little extra chocolate later in the day if you KNOW you can’t say “no” to your aunt’s famous stuffed French toast.

Your plan doesn’t need to (and shouldn’t) be about perfection, either. It’s okay for your plan to allow yourself free range with candy for a day. One sugar-filled day will not ruin all of your progress, unless you really go overboard. In that case, your plan may not set ANY restrictions on food quality, but instead aim to pay attention to whatever it is you decide to eat…and in many instances, that mindfulness will be enough to minimize any negative impact on your body composition!


I’d love to know: What is your plan for getting through this crazy, candy-filled weekend?? If you need some ideas for reasonable but attainable goals for the weekend, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter! by entering your email address over to the right!

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